the, our, your GOLDEN GETAWAY

We came up with an idea that challenged everything and now… we are living it.

We left our successful and high paying jobs in Dubai behind for an unknown path into the Americas. This is our journey flying, driving, camping, hiking, skipping, running, jumping & backpacking from Dubai to the States and down into the depths of South America.

Jenna Noor

London, Iraq, Texas

BELMOPAN (15)I have somehow found myself in the middle of Central America, without an address or a phone, with my handsome lover and adorable puppy. How did this happen?

I took the road less traveled.

28 years of age and I have been blessed to experience and embrace many of life’s fruits.

Since childhood I have always traveled a lot. We were always on a plane or in the car, experiencing new horizons and embracing some foreign land. As I grew, spontaneous trips were always on my radar – I’ve booked flights after nights out that depart the following morning, I’ve traveled in a beat up van all around IMG_0303the UK – too many last minute road trips, too many last minute flights.

After graduating from University I decided to leave the states and ended up living in the Middle East working for the leading luxury retailer in the region as Buyer for Bloomingdale’s and Harvey Nichols.

BOREDOM AT THE REDWOODSAnd although I’ve always been spontaneous, structure and order permeates through me. I
love a plan and always worked towards my own ten year goals.

These two conflicting aspects of my personality have made my ride in this crazy world an interesting one.

But the challenges that came from school, work and the modern world were not enough. I needed a greater challenge, a challenge not handed to me on a silver platter but on a paper plate.

Coming up with this idea a year ago with Luke came as no surprise.

What did come as a surprise was how easy it was to let go of everything i’d worked for and jump off the cliff of life and into the unknown.

And so it is. the getaway of a life time…


Luke B.


LUKE - ABOUT US (2)I greet you with the warmest welcome to our journey of a lifetime. We hope that you see the beauty through our eyes as we have seen it, and laugh with us as we learn lessons that lifes survival and world experience has to offer in our travels. The challenges, the sacrifices, the interests, the fears and the wonders.

My long career in construction has allowed me to travel and experience the world with something to offer and gain. For all the places in the world I have been and the adventures I have had, none could amount to the joy that our getaway has already brought me and there are no other two amazing individuals in the world that I would want to be doing it with – my darling girlfriend and loving dog JJ.LUKE - ABOUT US (4)

Best thing you can ever do for your mind, body and soul is let go of what you don’t need and embrace the unknown. The more you have the more you have to hold you back.

The world has been traveled a million times over, but is unique to the traveler as if it were the only story out there. Ever story is different and path obscured. Our goal is to survive and thrive in a different world than we knew and through the Americas.

LUKE - ABOUT US (3)Whenever asked where do we live, we can only answer “wherever we are”. With Gods good graces we will get to where ever we are destined to be.

We had nearly lost hope in the good in people and the world, but this trip has brought us back on top of the rainbow. Of course we are a lot more cautious due to our ever-changing surroundings.

If you have a question for a destination that we have traveled, or that is of interest to where you see yourself going, or you are unable to embark on your own adventure and would like to see a story evolve, then join us for ours and we shall share in it together.


Jay Junior aka JJ

Belize City, Belize

JJ - ABOUT US (5)I was born on a farm to a mother whose birthed one too many (her tits hang low). They call me a mut, half pot licker (wtf is that?) and half german shep. Booyah.

These two adopted me and its taken a bit of adjusting, on both parts, to smooth things out. But they love me and I love them.

So far we’ve spent many hours on the beaches of Belize (can’t leave the country yet as we are waiting on my passport) and adventuring through caves, temples, hostels, rivers, lakes, fields, random bars (when im aloud in) and of course, the bush.

Now I am living with these guys in their RV, where they JJ - ABOUT US (2)feed me chicken, rice and beans leftovers… every day… all bloody day. Where’s the kibble man?

We live next to a lake at the moment in the middle of the bush and seeing as I need to roam free and run wild, I wake them up at 5am every day, to be let loose, foot loose and fancy free.

I’m only 5 months old so my journey has just begun, but im running faster, biting harder (now legally allowed as ive been jabbed) and kicking some serious howler monkey asses.

JJ - ABOUT US (4)I’ve got a wicked coat because they are constantly grooming me, ha, slaves…


We’ve been together for nearly two months and these two are a trip. I’ve seen more than my entire family will ever see and they are taking me down into the depths of south america! I’d woof to that! WOOF!

So follow these two doggy lovin bastards, it’ll be worth it.

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  1. Dear Luke and Jenna have read all your philosophy you have become wise,I wish you continuing good health ,look forward to reading more of your adventures.lots of love Auntie Kathleen


    • Thanks so much for the feedback! Such great news to hear of your own adventures and how embarking on such a journey has shaped you. We already feel the difference within ourselves since the beginning. Thank you for the support! X


  2. Hey Luke and Jenna, nice to meet you, fellow travellers. Sounds like you’re having a great time!
    Thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey.
    Cheers, and happy travels


    • Hey Alison & Don! Always a pleasure to meet fellow travelers. Perhaps we will run into each other somewhere 😉 We are very much having a great time and can say the same for you two! Looking forward to reading some of your adventures – and we too hope that you enjoy a bit of our banter. Cheers! X

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hey there! We are always on the hunt for great blogs! We look forward to learning about you, your views and country through your writing. Thank you for the support and love. Cheers x


  3. Thanks so much for following my blog. I’ve enjoyed reading back through a few of your posts already, and applaud you both for really living life. I look forward to following your ongoing adventures.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the positive feedback! We are always searching for interesting blogs to read during our adventure. We too are looking to forward to exploring your creative side. Cheers!


  4. Hey Jenna, Luka and JJ, just wanted to stop by, say hello and thank you for following us over at Travel-Stained. 🙂 Wonderful story and amazing journey you have planned. Look forward to reading more.


  5. Hey Guys, First, thank you for discovering and following my blog–mostly because I have now been introduced to your adventure. Looking forward to seeing more. Give JJ an extra biscuit or treat from me.


  6. Hi Golden Getaway,
    Thanks for following my blog about Camino de Santiago, and for liking my posts – it’s great to have you on board.
    I’m impressed by your blog (so many great pictures!) and look forward to reading more.


  7. Hiya Luke and Jenna.. SO glad you found my blog, as it led me to your world of travelling. Fascinating posts, and lovely stories of you both. Thank you very much for following my blog. We have been bitten by the same bug of travel and what is wonderful then sharing that feeling 🙂

    Happy Travels guys, looking forward to read more from you.



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